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Without finals this time [RAF Challenge 2014]

According to the results of the voting, my work (‘The Future Robots’) hasn’t reached the finals this year.

A lots of people participated in my category (almost 80) this year. Comparing to the previous years, RAF Challenge  had a quite comprehensive set of different and innovative works  this time. The websites, 3D animations, PPT presentations, applications and so on and so forth.

If we compare The Future Robots with LottoGame2 (my work in 2012, reached Top10) and CloudComputingApp (my work in 2013, won 3rd place), we shall see that it is much better than the other two, but the competition was apparently way too strong this time 🙂



Waiting for the results! [Creative programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps]

The peer assessment has been recently opened, and I have had the honor to comment and grade other 5 students’ works.

So after the six weeks of learning about Processing and using its numerous and quite useful tools for editing audio/visual data, manipulating 2D physics in box2D engine, creating GUI and creating FB apps, we’ve come to the very end of this special course.

The finishing was marked by the big final exam. Again, we were supposed to use the knowledge and our creativity to create something bigger than the last time.

Before we take a look at the 5 students’ work I have reviewed and graded, we will briefly glance at my project, if you don’t mind 🙂

The idea was developed from my obsession with the universe. The goal of the game is to defend our planet. I’ve recorded a short ( review ) video and a long ( descriptive ) video for those who are willing to check what is my game actually about:

A short review of the game

A more detailed explanation

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Coursera course: Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps

Recently, a new online course about creative programming and programming for mobile devices has started.


It isn’t one of those strictly-programming courses that teach you some programming skills, it’s rather a combination of that one and the one that encourages you to unleash your creativity and combine it with your coding skills. 

During the first 2 weeks, we’ve been shown how to manipulate audio data and graphics in programming language Processing, and run those apps in browsers, mobile phones ( iOS/Android ) and a desktop. The weeks were followed by a short quiz to test your understanding of the taught material. 

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Stanford University – Machine Learning

A new course about computer science has started on Coursera!Stanford university

One of the most interesting and demanding topics in the computer science – Artificial Intelligence, is now “one online course away” 😀

The Stanford University has started the course called Machine Learning, which will teach about field of programming  which creates software that makes machines “think” and make decisions by themselves.

The detail that attracted me to this course is the way it varies from some other courses I attempted. Namely, this course provides the whole videos about fields of mathematics that are required for understanding methods studied in this course! Which means that you will not just learn algorithms or some programming tricks, you will also learn how to effectively connect mathematics with cool stuff such as programming.


Maths lessons in course

It’s something I’ve been seeking for, for a long time, because I am having a hard time making a connection with school mathematics and programming I study at home, therefore I believe this course will be very useful, and generally successful.

I hope to see you at Coursera! Good luck!

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