About me & blog


Now, as I’ve welcomed you to my blog, I’d like to introduce my blog to you as well!

I usually post my achievements here, and considering I like programming, drawing, recently started 3D modelling in Mudbox and I’m interested in entrepreneurship – I post articles about all of these, so you can find very different topics on my blog 🙂

*Some tips to navigate through my blog*

– How do you find articles about certain topic on my blog?

You can easily display all of articles about  the particular topic by choosing a topic on the right-hand side of my blog under ‘Quick find’.

– Where can you download my games/apps?

It is very easy to find the ‘Download Section’ on the left-hand side of my blog. You can download everything I’ve made so far.


You can find me on  YouTubeFaceBook, Twitter.



Greetings from Stevan!

  1. hi stevan can u do a programming for my assignment below
    the programing should be in vb using arrays.

    1. Build the app to create quick picks for one of the selected offerings from tatts.com.

    2. Allow the user to enter the numbers from the most recent draw and check against the ticket.

    3. Report any wins and the appropriate subdivision won.

    4. Create separate functions for producing the correct number of random numbers, and checking the numbers against a draw.

    5. Persist the data into non-volatile storage whenever the user presses the save button, closes the app or every 10 minutes when the app is running.

    6. A user manual.

    7. A test report including a table showing each field, entered data, expected outcome and actual outcome. Provide a column for comments.

    8. Allow for up to a “regular” quick pick.

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