RAF Challenge 2014: The Future Robots

And here it is! The Future Robots application-presentation created for RAF Challenge 2014 competition!


The goal

This presentation contains a great amount of data about the robots which have been developed in the previous five years, thus giving the user opportunity to unleash own creativity and think of what the future robots might look like. What took me a month to collect, now it is available for the users in matter of minutes!



Application part – A small application compatible with Win7 x64. Plays a short audio intro about the goal of the Prezi presentation, provides additional information about this work and launches the Prezi presentation. In its directory you will find “Resources” file which gives you all of the links of the articles used for creating the Prezi presentation, so you can read the whole articles. Download here.


Presentation part – Prezi presentation contains 60 articles about 60 different robots. The articles have been collected all around the internet from many blogs and websites. The presentation has an audio support which explains the concept of the presentation and gives you the instructions for moving around if you are new to Prezi. It takes slightly longer to load, but if you don’t use Win7 x64, you can directly access it here


Feel free to leave some feedback in comments.

The online voting for qualifying for the finals of RAF Challenge 2014 has just started and I’m hoping for the best!



About Stevan

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