Anniversary of the blog & The best year of my life

It’s been two years since the first post here….

… the previous year was full of the new experiences which made it the best year of my life…

The first big success

I had never won any prize at any competition before this one. After I had sent my work in order to participate at “RAF Challenge”, I was very excited because I felt that I had some chances to win this time. What intuition said, was proven to be true – I won the 3rd place with my application called “Cloud Computing”.

CloudComputing app1

Completely new experience

Even though I had participated in many different competitions, I have never had seen something like this before. It was “Business challenge” competition – cooperating with strangers, we had to create business idea, business plan and the presentation within several hours. After that we were up to present our idea in front of more than 100 people and reply to jury’s questions.

Presentation my_teammates

A little bit more of that experience…

Even though I didn’t win anything at the previous “Business Challenge”, I was invited to compete at the highest level of this competition: “Western Balkans Business Challenge” altogether with students from Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. During two amazing days, we had fabulous schedule which included successful people’s speeches, funny ice-breaking activities and the party. My team won the second place.


Two PDF certificates earned

The summer was very active. I attended “Creative programming for Digital media & Mobile Apps” and “Nutrition and Physical activity for health” on and earned two PDF certificates.

nut prog

Alumni conference

At the very ending of the summer, I participated in Alumni conference. During two days we heard more about Junior Achievement organisation, Alumni club goals, listened to successful people and generally learned new things about entrepreneurship.


Business Challenge… once again!

I was invited to join the National finals of Business Challenge to compete against other students from Serbia. My team won the second place.

1374271_579575605436389_287424072_n 954823_730655176960846_661236134_n

And the blog has officially dived in the third year of its existence and some different content will come this year!


About Stevan

Drawing, programming, working out and so on and so forth :)

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  1. Well it’s 2017 now. Which year is the best now? 😀

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