The first Alumni conference in Serbia [review & impressions]

Got back home with a bagful of experience…

…is my overall impression of the very first Alumni conference in Serbia by Alumnize.RS and Junior Achievement!Conference

The idea was to assemble the people who have been a part of the JA programs in Serbia in order to depict the Alumni program and share useful and inspiring entrepreneurship advice with them.

The first conference day

This was rather a day for introducing the different programs, and so Junior Achievement team and gave us a closer look to their plans and organization and we’ve heard a quite interesting story about how Alumni idea started as well….

… followed by the interesting interactive activities as ever 🙂

In the end of the day, a gala night took its place. The student companies Candela and Petrako told us the interesting stories about their way to the top of the National student companies competition. The special guest Lazar Vulovic, a business man from Kragujevac, shared the obstacles he has met during his entrepreneurship career and taught us that there are 3 important factors in business: the idea, the money and the moment. ‘They can’t go without each other‘, he said.

And on the top of the gala night, we’ve received a message from Estonia, from Europe Alumni conference, that Ana Cvetojević has received a special award for the best Europe coordinator of the Changing Lives campaign! 😀

The second conference day

Now this day was the storm of amazingly inspiring speeches and stories!

Firstly, Velimir Tasić, the project manager of HeySuccess, shared a plenty of tips and tricks for finding the path toward a very successful life.  The whole presentation was full of interesting information, but here are my Top 3 tips of Velimir Tasić:

1. Get out of your comfort zone, that’s how you’ll make progress!

2. Make contacts! It is very important.

3. Write your goal down on a piece of the paper, put it in the little box and place it on your desk. That’s how you’ll always have it right in front of you, and without checking the box, you’ll always know what is written in it.

After motivational boost from Velimir, another business expert, Biljana Planić gave us the encouraging words telling us her story about how she raised from the failure and embraced the success.

And the very ending of the Alumni conference was reserved for the panel discussion about the necessity of the entrepreneurship propagation among young people. The special impact had the founder of Virtual Team – Vladan Atanasijević, who made the whole point pretty straightforward confirming that we should invest in the knowledge, because if we want to do something, we have to know something, simple as that.

Alumni and Junior Achievement did a great job… in the end – that’s the way they achieve 🙂



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  1. Reblogged this on Светланин простор and commented:
    Стеван је и током распуста био вредан. Више о његовим активностима прочитајте на његовом блогу. Браво Стево!

  2. It is always great to hear kind words from young people. I am so happy that npe, after thos conference, we have so many motivated and inspired people from all over Serbia, who are willing rto take active part in development of Alumnize.RS, Alumni Club of Junior Achievement Serbia.

    Great text man, and from now on, you achieve with us. Great regards from Alumnize.RS team. 😉


    • Thank you for nice words, Dejan. I am inspired indeed and will strive to share the positive energy among other people who didn’t get the chance to participate this conference 😀

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