Waiting for the results! [Creative programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps]

The peer assessment has been recently opened, and I have had the honor to comment and grade other 5 students’ works.

So after the six weeks of learning about Processing and using its numerous and quite useful tools for editing audio/visual data, manipulating 2D physics in box2D engine, creating GUI and creating FB apps, we’ve come to the very end of this special course.

The finishing was marked by the big final exam. Again, we were supposed to use the knowledge and our creativity to create something bigger than the last time.

Before we take a look at the 5 students’ work I have reviewed and graded, we will briefly glance at my project, if you don’t mind 🙂

The idea was developed from my obsession with the universe. The goal of the game is to defend our planet. I’ve recorded a short ( review ) video and a long ( descriptive ) video for those who are willing to check what is my game actually about:

A short review of the game

A more detailed explanation


But if you’d like to try the game by yourself, visit the download section for the game export. Just to point out – this isn’t supposed to be a standalone game, it’s just an exported Processing sketch.

All right everyone, it’s time to see what did other students make for this assignment!

Student 1: 

‘My goal is to develop an application to show the behavior of search algorithms. Search algorithms aim to find the best path through several nodes.

This assignment shows the basic idea and sets the foundation of an application to teach algorithms. Spotty is a hamster whose objective is to eat randomly located food that has been placed in the scene. At this stage of the application, Spotty follows the path according to the order of appearance of the items, each item has a label.’


Try the game

Student 2:

‘… I’ve chosen interactive solar system app where you can try different simulations … by clicking on planets, you let them move or stop, by pressing keys like s, r, p you start, restart or pause the simulation. Increase/decrease speed by pressing +/-. Show planets’ counters by pressing 1-8. All simulations are based on exact speeds of planets in real solar system.’


Try the simulation

Student 3:

‘I have mixed part of my first assignement with the second. The source base of the assignement is the Music Machine. I’ve changed the background, the look & field of the lower zone and replaced de red buttons for textures. I’ve placed a music wave in the center of the dashboard. Now you can see visually how loud is the sound. The sound in this case is the sum of the four tracks and the two synths.’


See the video

Student 4:

‘It is called “instaPop”. The idea is to load an image, convert it to pointillism and then share it on facebook.’


Try the application

Student 5:

‘I decided to learn something new about Processing. For example, it’s 3D capabilities.  What I did is a simple interface, which allows to control some parameters of 3d sphere, like it’s color, size and amount of detail with different sliders.’

Studen5See the video

The students made some great stuff this time, and I especially like the first student’s work because of its complex nature, and also the second one had a great idea and it attracted me because of the space motive 😀

Now, there is one week left for the peer assessment to fully finish, and we are waiting for the results, and possibly the certificates!

Good luck to the fellow students, and for those who missed this course, I strongly recommend registering on Coursera and waiting for the next session!


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