Stanford University – Machine Learning

A new course about computer science has started on Coursera!Stanford university

One of the most interesting and demanding topics in the computer science – Artificial Intelligence, is now “one online course away” 😀

The Stanford University has started the course called Machine Learning, which will teach about field of programming  which creates software that makes machines “think” and make decisions by themselves.

The detail that attracted me to this course is the way it varies from some other courses I attempted. Namely, this course provides the whole videos about fields of mathematics that are required for understanding methods studied in this course! Which means that you will not just learn algorithms or some programming tricks, you will also learn how to effectively connect mathematics with cool stuff such as programming.


Maths lessons in course

It’s something I’ve been seeking for, for a long time, because I am having a hard time making a connection with school mathematics and programming I study at home, therefore I believe this course will be very useful, and generally successful.

I hope to see you at Coursera! Good luck!


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