RAF Challenge 2013…and here goes the voting!

The first round of RAF Challenge 2013 has started!

Comparing to the last year, the number of competitors has drastically risen up to 75!  If I recall well, it is almost as twice as many as the last year, which means it’s even a greater challenge to get to the finals.

1Last year in the finals with LG2.0

This year I participate in the group for making apps and presentations on topic “Cloud Computing”, with the simple application (download here).

 The application can play two presentations, in Serbian and English, explaining the basics of the cloud computing technology. Beside that, you can open an additional window to launch some of the most popular websites which offer these services.


If I collect enough votes through the online voting, my application will go to the finals and the jury will decide the winners on March the 30th, in Belgrade.

I will inform you about the results in a week, as soon as the voting closes 😀 


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