Junior Achievement: Business challenge [ the impressions ]

Meet people, think innovative and it’s SHOW TIME!


Junior Achievement  organized a competition called “Business challenge” in Serbia, where 115 students were separated in 22 groups and have been given a challenge to think of a company which would produce an innovative product or a service, based on the new technologies.

I have never participated in this type of competition. In a great number of the competitions your score depends on what you have learned before it, like maths, physics and similar. Therefore, this one brings a totally new dimension of competing where you need to express your creativity and social skills at their best!

IMG_0046My friends, my professors and I

Maybe the greatest part of this event was cooperating with people you barely know. My totally randomly selected teammates were absolutely great, even though we didn’t know each other, we have cooperated very well.

my_teammatesMy team

During a 4-5 hours,  we have been thinking about problems, from the simple ones like a name for the company, all down to the most complex ones like the finance problems ( which generally gave us a lot of headaches haha ). As the summary, we had to make a business plan of our company with PowerPoint presentation.

And so finally, after hours of working, we had to present our idea to other students, mentors, professors and  jury. That’s the peak of the competition, the moment when a tension goes up to its highest point, hands start to shiver and minds go crazy! 😀

PresentationSpeech time!

Following the presentation, we have had presented our product in front of more than 150 people. After the questions of the jury, and as other students finished their presenting, we were taken to the break, as the jury was summing up and making the final decision about the winners.

Bad news – my team didn’t take any of the first 3 places, but good news are that my friend’s team won the 3rd place!

Aleksandar's teamAleksandar ( on the right ) and his team

My overall impression is utterly positive – regardless of the funny mistakes students made during presenting, regardless of the fact that only 3 teams were winners and regardless of all of other bad things that might have happened, everyone will agree with me if I say that this was one of the most exciting competitions so far, that we have really learned a  lot and that we had a great time!


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