GIMP – Giant the IMPressive

Do you maybe need a free software to beautify your photos? Ah, wait then! I have something for you….

…hey GIMP, please, come over here!

gimp purr

I’ve been a good friend with GIMP for more than 3 years, but this afternoon it has totally stunned me.



While playing around with familiar tools and trying to make some modification of Unreal Development Kit logo, I’ve decided to dive more into a really wide diapason of different tools in GIMP.


And I was speechless, so many amazing tools with so many possibilities, all in this piece of free software!  Here is my favorite experiment I made today:


Do you like it? 😀

I suggest you to try GIMP, I repeat, it’s free and really easy to use! If you decide so ( and I hope you will 😀 ) this is a small screenshot of where these beautiful tools are situated in GIMP:


So simply open ‘Filters’ drop menu, and go ahead and try out any of these tools! I suggest using ‘Distorts’, ‘Light And Shadow’ and ‘Alpha to Logo’, as they fascinated me the most!

That’s it! I believe you will have a great time trying out the GIMP tools! 

Until posting, happy blogging!

About Stevan

Drawing, programming, working out and so on and so forth :)

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