Cryptography Online Course

Hi guys! Have you ever taken an online courses at Coursera?

If not, here’s a brief explanation! The online courses are free courses mostly based on video lectures being published periodically. usually followed by exercises, assignments and finally by a final exam.

Some of courses give you a statement of accomplishment or certificate under condition of having 70-80% of overall points, at the end of it.

All right! Now when I have introduced you to these cool stuff, I wish to invite you to join a course about Cryptography! You just need to register and sign up for course, after what you can immediately start watching video lectures. Lectures are very very interesting, they include some mathematics and programming in Python. And after 6 weeks, you will receive a statement of accomplishment.

I hope to see you at Coursera! 😀


About Stevan

Drawing, programming, working out and so on and so forth :)

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