I noticed one error in LG2 and fixed it! You can download the patch here:

Patch v1.1

Lotto Game 2 Installation

*If you have found any other errors, please contact me at


*Otherwise leave impressions at



Posted on February 26, 2012, in Lotto Game. Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. Salji mi nesto na moj mail pa cu ti tamo objasniti sto zelim.

  2. Da mi uradi kombinacije po mojoj zamisli.

  3. Ne, nemam pojma o programiranju, ali trazim nekog da mi uradi neki loto programcic u basicu, nije nesto veliko ali meni bi pomogao o nekih loto kombinacija.

  4. Ja sam iz Slovenije

  5. I’m from Serbia 😀
    Are we near to each other? Where are you coming from?

    Greetings from Stevan!

  6. Hello, i have one personal question.
    From where are you, witch country.
    Best regards Stefan

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